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About the Naro language

Naro /ˈnɑːroʊ/, also Nharo, is a Khoe language spoken in Ghanzi District of Botswana and in eastern Namibia. It is probably the most-spoken of the Tshu–Khwe languages. Naro is a trade language among speakers of different Khoe languages in Ghanzi District.

Alternate Names: Nharo, Nharon, Nhauru, Nhaurun, |Aikwe, ||Aikwe, ||Aisan, ||Ai||e, ||Ai||en
Population: 18,000 in Botswana
Location in Country : Ghanzi district: Bere, Dekar, Charles Hill, East Hanahai, Ghanzi, Grootelaagte, Kanagas, Karakobis, Kuke, Makunda, New Kanagas, Tshobokwane, and West Hanahai commercial farms; North West district: south.

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a máá: “Tseegukar gha ts'ee-ts'eekg'ai tsi, a káí tsgõo-coan máà tsi,” témé.

Heb 6:14

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